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ICP-MS Analysis of Elements

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Superior interference removal


Outstanding background equivalent concentrations and detection limits


Exceptional stability

NexION 5000 - The Power of Four Quadrupoles

The NexION 5000 multi-quadrupole ICP-MS delivers four stages of mass resolution.

A clean photon and neutral species free ion beam is shaped within Q0 (Quadrupole Ion Deflector) and mass filtered in Q1 (first Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole). Thereafter the mass of interest is passed onto the Quadrupole Cell (Q2) for either a controlled reaction/collision/no reaction, and the analyte clear of interferences is separated in Q3 (second Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole). This combination allows the system to deliver exceptional detection limits and outstanding background equivalent concentrations less than 1 ppt. Performance to the power of four!

At the heart of this multi-quad instrument is Universal Cell Technology which utilizes Dynamic Bandpass Tuning to eliminate spectral interferences and reaction byproducts before they have a chance to form new interferences on the analyte of interest. This cell makes gas-phase reactions more predictable and provides an additional stage of mass separation to maximize specificity of these reactions.

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