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QSight ® LC/MS/MS-System

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

DUAL SOURCE - true inline ESI/APCI multiplexing flexibility


STAYCLEAN™ SOURCE and HSID™ INTERFACE - laminar flow for longterm reproducable results


SIMPLICITY™ 3Q Software - intuitive data method setup and clearly arranged result reporting

The most sensitive and robust solution for your food safety

The triple quadrupole that surpasses expectations! QSight LC/MS/MS has the capability to provide highest sensitivity and selectivity for all analytes in the most challenging matrices, including adulterants like mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, pesticides and Allergens in the food, as well as environmental contaminants like PFAS, polar pesticides, glyphosate and acrylamide in water and soil.

With patented flow-based technology; unique, independent dual-probe source; self-cleaning interface design; and intuitive, easy-to-use Simplicity 3Q software, the QSight is the most efficient LC-MS/MS. It enables you to exceed even the strictest regulations that demand lower detection limits. Our ready-to-implement solutions has the highest sensitivity, selectivity and throughput the industry has ever seen. See what QSight can do for you.

  • LC/MS/MS systems

  • mass spectrometers

  • mycotoxin analysis

  • acrylamide analyses

  • TQ mass spectrometers

  • triple quadrupoles

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