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Human Bio-Materials for validation of test systems and identification of new biomarkers

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Clinically defined samples with comprehensive documentation for your IVD projects


Long-term and project-related cooperation with individual consulting


Quickly available and standardised products for a wide range of indications

Clinically defined samples of various matrices immediately available for your assay development

Our human bio-specimen products are designed for use in the entire value chain of in vitro diagnostic test kits, e.g. for R&D and quality control departments. Our product portfolio includes a wide variation in terms of indication areas (samples from both healthy and sick donors), matrices (blood products such as serum and plasma as well as human tissue, stool, urine and saliva samples) and volumes (small volume panels up to large volume pools). Our panels are used for example for assay validation. Our large-volume material is mainly used for testing purposes and for the production of control materials.

We deliver the right samples at the right time to identify new biomarkers faster and bring reliable test systems to market. For new parameters and newly discovered pathogens, suitable tests must be developed to detect them. Therefore native human bio-materials of disease state donors are usually the only reference to evaluate correctness and accuracy of a new test.

  • round robin tests

  • in-vitro diagnostics

  • reagents

  • serums

  • SARS-CoV-2

  • test kits

  • biomarkers

  • bioassays

  • biomolecules

  • antigens

  • antibodies

  • antibody production

  • biobanking

  • biobanks

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