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More efficiency for the analysis of biomolecules and macromolecules on any (U)HPLC system

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Columns for GPC, HPLC, UHPLC and semi-preparative protein purification

The range of chromatography columns includes GPC, (U)HPLC and method development columns for R & D, quality control and other applications in the chemical and biopharmaceutical industry. Typical applications are the purification of therapeutic proteins and their characterization by (U)HPLC. In the chemical industry, the focus is on solutions for the determination of molar masses of polymers and for the high-temperature analysis of engineering plastics. Our TSKgel columns are known for their high quality and reliability. For almost 40 years, the TSKgel SW series columns have been the biopharmaceutical industry's gold standard for size exclusion chromatography of proteins.

The stationary phases cover all common separation principles: Ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase, hydrophilic interaction (HILIC), size exclusion (SEC), mixed-mode and affinity. New in the program are affinity columns for the rapid determination of antibody titers and glycoforms by HPLC and the UP-SW series for the UHP-SEC analysis of proteins.

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