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Innovative fibre-optical spectroscopy for inline process analytics

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Inline monitoring


Realtime process control


High resolution process data

Development, Optimization & Control for your processes

We can help you understand your processes!

The direct insight into production processes is essential for process understanding and process control to optimize cost efficiency! High-resolution inline process monitoring guarantees consistent product quality and shows possible optimization potentials.

Process Development: individual development of production processes with high turbidity products from laboratory to pilot plant scale | Development of completely new heterophase processes and procedural steps

Process Control: real-time inline monitoring of optical process parameters | Inline monitoring of product properties, e.g. particle size and particle size distributions

Process optimization: improvement of product synthesis regarding robustness and efficiency | optimization of product composition, structure and conversion efficiency

  • fiber optics

  • sensors

  • inline measuring systems

  • Inline analysis systems

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