European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)

CRMs establish traceability, demonstrate accuracy and ensure reliability of results

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Clear traceability and uncertainty


ISO 17034 accredited


Full transparency

CRMs for industry

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) develops certified reference materials for nanotechnology (particle size and shape), testing of (bio)fuels, industrial materials (metals, plastics). The materials closely match real products.

Certificates clearly specify traceability and uncertainty of the certified values and clearly distinguish between non-certified and certified values that can be used for calibration, performance checks and trueness control.

Each CRM is accompanies by a detailed certification report describing:

material processing,

homogeneity, stability and characterisation studies,

value assignment.

Examples of recently released materials include:

ERM-FD103, shape of TiO2 nanorods

ERM-EF003, quality parameters of a B7 diesel-biodiesel mixture

ERM-EB090, trace elements in titanium

ERM-FD101b, size of silica nanoparticles

All CRMs are produced according to the JRC’s ISO 17034 accredited quality system for CRM production.

  • clinical analysis

  • biofuel analysis

  • certified reference materials

  • feed analytics

  • meteorology

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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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