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Humidity, Temperature, Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, CO2

The Top 3 Advantages

More than 15 years’ experience environmental sensing


Large portfolio of product variations to meet all your needs


ISO17025 compliant data recording with certified products

For smarter devices that significantly increase energy efficiency

Sensirion’s sensor solutions provide detailed and reliable data on key environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), and CO2. Environmental Sensing opens new possibilities to monitor your devices condition and surrounding. Regardless if you are looking for a low-power IOT solution, want ISO17025 compliant data logging for medical supply chains or want to use environmental condition parameters to monitoring and optimize your processes, we have a solution for you.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the development and supply of environmental sensor solutions, we lead the field in sensor technology innovation. We provide the sensor hardware and support our customers during the design-in, the development of sophisticated algorithms and the industrialization all the way to mass production. In addition to providing unparalleled performance, we also focus on key characteristics such as size, ultra-low power consumption, fully calibrated digital output and compatible supply voltages. Thanks to our large portfolio of products, we are your one-stop-shop for your environmental sensing needs.

  • concentration measurement

  • fine dust measuring instruments

  • humidity temperature sensors

  • gas sensors

  • particle sensors

  • CO2 sensors

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