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Certified reference materials

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Reference Materials of higher-order


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ISO 17034 accreditation

CRMs for health

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Geel, Belgium, has a long-standing collaboration with the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC). The IFCC advises on priority and where a CRM will most improve the standardisation of measurements.

The JRC: manages CRM development, organises and evaluates the processing, homogeneity, stability studies, organises and evaluates the characterisation study, often by reference methods carried out by IFCC members. All CRMs are produced according to the JRC’s ISO 17034 accredited quality system for CRM production. Most CRMs are recognised as “Reference materials of higher order” according to the European Union’s in vitro diagnostic medical device regulation. Recently released CRMs include: ERM-AD456/IFCC, enzymatic activity of alpha amylase ERM-DA480/IFCC, ERM-DA481/IFCC and ERM-DA482/IFCC, Amyloid alpha-42 concentration in human cerebrospinal fluid ERM-DA483/IFCC, Anti-PR3 IgG in human serum

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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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