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Laser Gas Detection & Infrared Sensing Components for medical and environmental applications

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product



single or dual-gas measurement



Axetris Laser Gas Sensors and Infrared Sources allow you to measure a wide range of gases

Axetris' Laser Gas Detection modules are stand-alone, ready-to-use OEM subsystems for selective detection and monitoring of gases. Based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS), they provide a solution to many gas detection challenges in emission monitoring and process control. The technology offers unique advantages like precise optical, contact-less measurements, excellent target gas selectivity and sub ppm-level detectivity.


- High Selectivity & Precision

- Hot-Wet Gas

Axetris Infrared Sources offer micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters featuring true blackbody radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime.

The design is based on a resistive heating element integrated onto a thin dielectric membrane which is suspended on a micro-machined silicon structure. Infrared sources from Axetris are used in a number of gas detection applications in medical, industrial, environmental and automotive industries.


- Thermal Black Body Emitter (2 to 14 μm)

- High Efficiency

- Fast Electrical Modulation

  • gas detection

  • Alcohol Detection

  • Pulmonary Diagnostics

  • Food Quality Analysis

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