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AOAC-Certified Highly Sensitive Gluten ELISA Test Kit

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High sensitivity - limit of quantification of 3.4 ppm gluten (1.7 ppm gliadin)


Using the R5 monoclonal antibody


Validated assay for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories

Reliable tool for gluten risk management

The presence of gluten in foods has health implications for individuals with celiac disease. This disease requires the elimination of gluten from diet, requiring labeling and traceability within the food production process, from raw material to final product. The AOAC-certified SENSISpec Ingezim Gluten R5 uses the R5 monoclonal antibody for specific detection of prolamin sequences from wheat, rye and barley, and is one of the most sensitive test kits in the market.

It can be deployed in allergen risk management programs of food manufacturers as well as a validated assay in ISO17025 accredited laboratories. During the rigorous validation study perfiomred by AOAC, the kit has shown comparable results with the AOAC reference method and also demonstrates Eurofins Technologies’ commitment to providing high quality and accredited test methods for our food safety customers.

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  • food allergy testing

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  • ThunderBolt ELISA

  • allergen management

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