(U)HPLC and TQ-MS hand in hand

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Analytical Intelligence - increases profitability and efficiency in your laboratory


Speed and sensitivity - maximizes data quality even for complex analyses


Highest robustness - increases productivity in everyday laboratory work

Performance, robustness and flexibility in one system

Due to its very compact and modular design, the Nexera LC-40 is the laboratory space-saving (U)HPLC system with full flexibility even for complex applications. Due to innovative Analytical Intelligence functions this (U)HPLC ensures a permanently robust and reliable analysis. Data security for demanding method development or in high-throughput analysis is thus always guaranteed. In combination with the powerful LCMS-8060NX triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, new dimensions in LC-MS analysis are opened to the user.

The LCMS-8060NX achieves excellent speed and sensitivity due to the ultrafast second generation lens system (UF Q-Array II, UF-Lens II) and the new IonFocus electrospray source. Additionally, the new source design significantly reduces the influence of matrix effects and contamination in the MS system. Hence the uptime of the mass spectrometer is drastically increased and operating costs reduced while providing outstanding data quality and sensitive trace analysis.

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