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Precise temperature control

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Components can be cooled or heated optionally


Flexible assembling through modular construction


Efficient and gentle control due to constant temperature for high durability

Precise temperature control for processes in laboratory, analytical and medical technology

Thermoelectric cooling units are used in systems where precise temperature control is required. Our cooling units are designed to allow the air flow beeing directed vertically to the cooled surface of the heat sink. Further components from Telemeter are integrated into the heat sink, which are also available separately. We equip your Peltier cooling units with sensors or thermostats.

Due to the extremely small design, temperature sensors can be used for static measurements as well as for recording quick, dynamic temperature changes. If you need Peltier elements only, Telemeter offers different versions and control units to it. To use a cooling device most efficiently, the right choice of a fan is essentially. Our fans are versatile, e.g. in incubators, analysis/diagnosis devices or respirators. They are characterized by low energy consumption, are low-noise, can be customized for your serial application on request and have a very long service life of up to 20 years.

  • medical device technology

  • laboratory coolers

  • coolers

  • analytics

  • Peltier thermostats

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