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Fast effortless quality Raman & SERS spectra across a wide range of applications

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Use conjugated nanoparticles for targeting specific molecules liquids


Make real-time measurements of bio-chemical processes


Pipette, flip, measure, flip-back, wipe-off. It's really that fast!

Versatile multi-mode sample handling Raman Spectroscopy with unrivalled quality and speed

Effortless Spectroscopy with Versatile multi-mode sample handling and unrivalled quality and speed.

This patented spectrometer provides quality Raman spectra with unrivalled, rapid, small-volume sample handling across a wide range of applications, including research, education, quality control, forensics and any other application demanding high standards.

The Drop Laboratory enables high quality research in targeting molecules with conjugated Nano-Particles, Bio-chemical process observation, Real-time measurement of reactions as well as measurement across solids, vials, cuvettes, pastes, powdered and bagged samples.

Easy to operate spectroscopy comes from integrated design of the equipment and software. ILOC accessory makes sample positioning instant & accurate. The software is designed to be intuitive – so easy you already know how.

Take a look at the Flipper brochure to see how the Drop Laboratory returns higher intensity, lower noise spectra in challenging liquids and how it can help you to perform better spectroscopy faster.

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