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Improve Your Micro LC Applications with NEW Column & Trap Selectivities

The Top 3 Advantages

Highly Reproducible Micro Columns


Diverse Selectivity and Improved Performance


Complementary Micro LC Column and Trap Selectivity

New Micro LC hardware design developed for control and reproducibility

Available in five innovative stationary phases, including: Kinetex Core-Shell Technology The finely tuned and unique core-shell manufacturing process delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency over conventional fully porous media which can be leveraged to increase resolution, reduce solvent consumption, decrease costs, and greatly improve productivity. The Kinetex coreshell family can deliver shockingly improved performance to your Micro LC separation. Luna Omega Cutting Edge Fully Porous Silica One of the world’s leading HPLC brands, now enhanced for incredible HPLC, UHPLC, and Micro LC performance!

Luna Omega columns culminate over 20 years of technological prowess, advancements, and innovation from Phenomenex! With astounding efficiency levels, highly versatile selectivities, and trusted accuracy, Luna Omega columns will take your chromatographic experience to a new level.

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