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Increase Resolution and Separation of Large Biologics

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Better separation with optimal pore size distribution


Improved resolution, sensitivity, and speed with core-shell technology


PEAK manufacturing process for advanced reliability

Core-shell particle with butyl stationary phase and optimal wide pore size distribution

Impurity profiling and characterization of intact biologic fragments is a challenging undertaking because of the need to identify very small differences between variants. bioZen WidePore C4 columns contain skillfully manufactured large pore core-shell particles that provide narrower, taller peaks in conjunction with higher resolution between the target HC/LC, Fc/Fab, or isoforms and are ideal for large biologics to optimize analysis. bioZen 2.6 μm WidePore C4 is an intact core-shell reversed phase column that provides good peak shape and selectivity for both intact monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and subunit analyses. Its robust surface grafting and optimal particle and pore size morphology ensures high reproducibility for analytical methods.

A wider pore LC column (~400Å) allows for better separation of large biologics and with a controlled manufacturing process, bioZen WidePore introduces a new solution for analyzing intact and subunit mAbs. When combined with PEAK manufacturing process, better batch-to-batch consistency is observed and excellent robustness.

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