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Complete Core-Shell Solution from UHPLC to HPLC to PREP LC

The Top 3 Advantages

Easy Transferability


Significant Cost Savings


Improved Results

Selectivities for all types of applications

Continuous improvement in particle technology means greater performance and productivity for all your methods. Traditional fully porous particles leave much to be desired when compared to current core-shell particles. 5µm and 3µm fully porous particles give typical HPLC backpressures however, their efficiencies and ability to hold performance drastically decreases at higher flow rates. Newer fully porous sub-2µm particles offer improved performance, but at the cost of the need for high-pressure capable instrumentation. Phenomenex has always strived to make sure that you have all the available solutions to get the most out of your current system and method. With Kinetex, this is no different.

The 5µm Kinetex core-shell particle gives 3µm efficiencies at 5µm HPLC pressures, the 2.6µm core-shell particle allows for the potential of sub-2µm performance on HPLC or UHPLC systems, and the 1.7 and 1.3 µm particles offer incredible efficiency and performance gains on UHPLC systems. Isn’t it time you tried this complete core-shell solution in your lab?

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