Measuring size & concentration of nanoparticles

The Top 3 Advantages

measure the size & concentration of nanoparticles


in a singles drop & in real- time (40s)


without labelling & no purification

visualize & monitor in real time viral vector solutions & extracellular vesicles

Gene & Cell therapies (GCT) are booming. Thanks to viral vectors, genetic material is introduced into the patient's deficient cells to modify a genetic defect or manage a disease

Ensuring the efficacy & safety of these new drugs is key.

So, Virus concentration (dose) & purity of the solution must be precisely determined. However, viruses are invisible with standard optical techniques.

Today, due to the lack of solutions allowing continuous controls all along the biomanufacturing chain, the manufacturers work almost blindly (limited control points) for several weeks & a very high cost per batch. Therefore, there is a major need for an "in-process" quality control method.

Myriade, French company created in 2017, develops an innovative imaging technology: VIDEODROP.

Based on the principles of interferometry, VIDEODROP makes it possible to measure the size and concentration of nanoparticles in real time (40s) in a single drop (5µL) without labeling & no purification

Videodrop is the ideal system for fast "in-process" controls of solutions containing Virus & Extracellular Vesicles

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