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Monitor your exposure to airborne particles with Stat Peel

The Top 3 Advantages

Provides material-specific personal exposure data to ensure employee health and safety


Creates a daily record of compliance with exposure guidelines and recommendations


Monitoring exposure to new and potentially harmful materials enables companies to innovate safely

Identify selected harmful respirable and inhalable particles in your lab and production environment

Stat Peel’s Identifier is a fully automated material-selective detection system that monitors exposure to potentially harmful airborne materials, so that companies can use advanced materials with confidence. The system is made up of a bench-top reader, 10 wearable badges and filtration slides. Users wear badges which filter air and collect particles on specialized filtration slides, and then the Identifier uses Raman spectroscopy in the off-hours to automatically quantify the material of interest and calculate exposure. Limits of quantification vary from sub-nanogram to nanogram depending on the material. Since the analysis is done in-house, it is fast and all the data remains confidential.

It provides the EHS specialist with daily, comprehensive exposure statistics of employees and facilities. The option to integrate the Identifier into a company network allows exposure monitoring without the EHS specialist present.

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