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NIR Food Process Monitoring with In-/ On-line Technology

The Top 3 Advantages

Higher output by material optimization


Less scrap from continuous quality control


Reduced energy costs

Enables continuous analysis of all ingredients

Process monitoring with the DA In-line and DA On-line systems enables continuous analysis of all ingredients, colour measurement (L*a*b) and live-video functions in seconds. The installation can be done at chain conveyers, pipes, mixers, discharge funnels, over belt and much more plant components. All instruments are easy to connect to existing MES or SCADA systems (by OPC server, LAN, Profibus, analogue and more). The customer benefits in dairy industries are less energy costs at the spraying tower by analyzing the moisture of the milk powder in real-time. In the butter production the water control in real-time is leads to constant product quality by avoiding give-aways. In snack products there is less scrap by continuous measurement of fat and salt by determining immediately when the product quality does not fit the specification.

Higher valuable output by adjusting ash and protein content in wheat flour leads to constant product quality and higher margins. Less raw material cost by accurate fat analysis at the batch mixer is the benefit in sausage production.

  • process monitoring

  • online analysis

  • Inline analysis systems

  • NIR analysis systems

  • NIR spectrometers

  • continuous quality controls

  • process analytical technology

  • process analyzers

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