Contract analytical services

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Experts in particles & materials characterization on your side


Access a unique set of analytical techniques


Benefit from data interpretation & analytical support on any kind of material

Results you can trust

ALFATESTlab is an ISO 17025 accredited lab that offers contract analytical services and gives you access to a unique set of analytical techniques.

In ALFATESTlab you will find experts in particles & materials characterization, ready to work on your side and share their 30 years experience in physical characterization techniques for powders and liquid dispersions. Whatever your industry, our in-depth knowledge of the analytical techniques and our wide experience on any kind of material will allow us to understand your analytical needs, retrieve the answers you are looking for and deliver results you can trust.

Alfatestlab not only provides you with numbers but delivers a complete analytical support and the knowledge you need for data interpretation. We are available for research contracts as well as single analysis, analytical method development, transfer or validation, industrial touble shooting, advanced training on analytical techniques, etc.

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