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The Top 3 Advantages

Dependable and seamless scalability


Strong solvent stability and robustness with immobilized phases


Polysaccharide coated phases with increased bonded surface area for greater enantioselectivity

Multiple particles, formats, and phases to fit your chiral column needs

Optimize your chiral separation and chiral purification with Lux polysaccharide and immobilized chiral HPLC columns. The Lux family of amylose and cellulose chiral selectors provides a variety of complementary selectivities that allow you to screen for the most effective chiral separation under Reversed Phase, Polar Organic, Normal Phase, and SFC conditions.

With numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and countless applications being developed, Lux chiral HPLC columns are rapidly becoming the premier choice for simplified chiral purification and chiral separation worldwide.

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  • chiral purification

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