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Digital viewer DRV-Z1

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Digital stereo 3D with vivid depth perception


New real time collaboration opportunity


Improved comfort and productivity

Unique ergonomic digital stereo 3D full high definition viewer with zoom

Not only is DRV-Z1 the first 3D FHD widescreen digital display, uniquely it also allows remote viewing, capture and sharing of exactly the same 3D images across networks in real time. This creates completely new opportunities for collaboration across distributed operations.

Components, parts and products can be viewed in real-time between company departments, customers, manufacturers, designers and suppliers across organisational or even international networks. Long working distance and wide zoom magnification suits a broad range of industrial applications. Excellent depth perception supports precise hand-to-eye co-ordination and the use of tools, improving productivity and work flows. DRV-Z1’s ergonomic design enables good posture and reduced fatigue, as the user sits upright, and makes genuine 3D detail accessible for all users.

DRV-Z1 requires minimal setup, and is remarkably easy to use with familiar controls designed specifically for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. This means very little training is required, and full user benefits are achieved quickly.

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