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Automate your Plasmid DNA Prep with Andrew+

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Increased throughput without compromising plasmid yield, DNA integrity and flow rates


Achieve automation without programming knowledge or automation expertise


Benefit from highly intuitive cloud-native OneLab software for easy method transfer to other labs

Achieve large volumes of purified plasmid DNA with automated Macherey NucleoBond Xtra Midi Prep

Andrew Alliance has been working with its partner, Macherey-Nagel, to achieve large volume Plasmid DNA purification by automating all the steps in their NucleoBond Xtra MidiPrep Kit. Plasmid DNA has been key to the development of biologic drug manufacturing.

Today, it plays a critical role in the production of next-generation cell and gene therapies, as well as vaccines. NucleoBond Xtra MidiPrep uses anion exchange chromatography, which provides high purity and flow rates, as well as preserving the integrity of DNA; all key requirements. There is a strong demand to achieve larger volumes of pure plasmid DNA. This requires automation of the NucleoBond Xtra MidiPrep Workflow, which has not been possible to date. The NucleoBond Xtra MidiPrep Workflow has been successfully automated using the award-winning Andrew+ pipetting robot. This is the first time that large volume anion exchange has been successfully automated.
Moreover, the robot is also able to perform a wide range of both commonly required, and complex, liquid handling operations.

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