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MPure-12 Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

No Cross-Contamination thanks to the liquid handling with only one unique filter tip for each sample


Flexibility and simplicity for sample volume and elution volume choice in a simple way


Minimized Nucleic Acid Loss & Degradation. 4 main steps: lysis, binding, washing and elution

Obtain Superior Yield, Exceptional Purity and Automated Performance

MPure-12 is a bench-top automated system for rapid purification of nucleic acids from a wide variety of bio-specimens using magnetic bead separation technology. The MPure-12 System is a standalone benchtop system, where no computer is needed. It extracts nucleic acids in three simple steps:
Load, Run, and Obtain By using an advanced magnetic bead separation technology, the MPure-12 enables rapid and efficient purification of nucleic acids. This process includes four main steps: lysis, binding, washing and elution.

Nucleic acids purification with the MPure-12 System takes only 35 to 70 minutes, depending on the selected protocol and kit MP Biomedicals offers 16 different MPure-12 Kits that allow for the purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of bio-specimens. Reagent cartridges are pre-measured and film-sealed to avoid contamination; the MPure-12 System automatically pierces this film before moving the reagent to the sample tube, thereby eliminating operator handling errors.

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