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Unleash the Power of Fast GC Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Up to 70% Faster PAH Analysis


Elevated Temperature Stability


Enhanced Resolution for Chrysene and Triphenylene (PAH Interferences)

Our NEW PAH solutions deliver up to 70% faster analysis times and better resolution of isomers

Zebron ZB-PAH-EU and Zebron ZB-PAH-CT columns were developed to address a customer need for greater resolution of EU-regulated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in food, environmental, electronic and fuel industries. The ZB-PAH-EU column delivers baseline resolution of critical PAH isomers, such as benzo[b,j,k]fluoranthene. In addition, the high temperature tolerances of the ZB-PAH-EU (340/360 °C) and ZB-PAH-CT (320/340 °C) allow for better elution of heavy PAHs and prevention of dirty matrix ghost peaks by bakeout. With exceptional thermal stability and low column bleed at elevated temperatures, ZB-PAH columns have good lifetime, while consistent column inertness promotes accurate separation for isomer pairs. Zebron outperforms popular GC columns for the separation of EU 15+1 and EPA 610 PAHs.

Specifically, the ZB-PAH-EU GC column separates 18 PAH isomers within 12 minutes, resolving all critical pairs while demonstrating consistent column inertness. ZB-PAH-EU is an excellent solution for separating the four most common PAH markers within the European Food Safety Authority EFSA PAH4.

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