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Point of care - Breathing gas analysis Revelar

The Top 3 Advantages

Deduction of important biomarkers!


Fast and laboratory-compatible measurement directly on the patient!


EN ISO 13485 accordingly developed, besides CE approval also a later FDA approval!

Patented respiratory gas analysis method - HPLC process for detection of respiratory aldehydes

Scope and working packages of DMTpe: Project management and coordination; Concept engineering, development and detail engineering of fluidic; Concept engineering, development and detail engineering of main components; Design and development of mechanical system; Electronical engineering for hard- and software incl. firmware; Coordination with Industrial Design partner; Manufacturing documentation and product documentation; Procurement, assembly, testing and optimization of prototypes; Responsibility and execution of the Design Transfer; Support and coordination of tooling (plastic molding and E-PAC); Set-up and definition of supply chain for ramp-up phase and pre-series.

  • respiratory gas analysis

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