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Automated Workflow Solutions for Food and Food Safety, Environmental and Life Science Markets

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PALSystem has developed turnkey solutions for specific applications in collaboration with academic and industrial partners. For the food and food safety market we offer a cost-effective way to clean-up QuEChERS extracts form many different food matrices, like apple, kiwi, carrot, kale, orange, black olive, pork loin, salmon, and avocado. The analysis not only achieves high quality results for diverse type of analytes and foods, the approach also enabled reliable, high-throughput operations without much labor or instrument maintenance. For the environmental market we offer solutions for analyzing the quality of drinking water. Monitoring of malodorous or toxic compounds, e.g. geosmin, 2-MIB or PAHs is achieved in a fully automated way. Sample extraction with PAL SPME Arrow is applied to reach the required sensitivity. Because of its superior design PAL SPME Arrow lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional SPME fibers, resulting in markedly reduced cost per sample.

Autosampler, Automated Sample Prep,     Automated Liquid Handling, Custom built sample prep workflows, Food safety Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Life science and Clinical Sample Prep, Cleanup of QuEChERS extracts for Pesticide Analysis, VOC & SVOC Analysis in Water, Metabolomics derivatization for qual. and quant. Analysis,     Automated FAME Analysis, Dilution, Automated Calibration Standard Preparation, Automated SPME, Smart SPME Arrows, Automated SPE, Automated micro SPE, Static Headspace and Dynamic Headspace, Large volume liquid injection, Carryover-free LC-MS injection

  • sample extraction

  • liquid handling

  • analysis

  • dilution

  • micro SPE

  • environmental analytics

  • environmental analysis

  • environmental management

  • food safety

  • Sample preparation systems

  • autosamplers

  • VOC analyzers

  • static headspace

  • dynamic headspace

  • workflow automation solution

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