Promete SRL

The device carries out a photochemical process to tether antibodies on any thiol-reactive surface

The Top 3 Advantages

An easy-to-use device for bio-sensing


A light assisted antibody immobilization process to functionalize biosensors' transducers


UV irradiation applied to anchor antiIgG antibody to any kind of suitable transducers

the majority of the immunosensing platforms can take advantage of it

Leading to upright oriented antibodies on gold surfaces once irradiated with UV light, TRYLIGHT paves the way to the functionalization of any kind of suitable transducers in order to realize sensitive and specific biosensors based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Plasmonic Enhanced Fluorescence (PEF), Magnetoelastic strips (ME).

Indeed, the irradiation of antibodies with utrashort pulses of ultraviolet light makes them tether to the sensing platform preferentially hook-upside, and due to a high binding efficiency the surface becomes well coated by antibodies with the antigen binding sites effectively exposed to the solution. The reliability and the effectiveness of the functionalization technique is highly supported by a wide literature, with the investigated case studies lacking the enlarged full scope of a technique whose only requirement is the presence of the antibody for a given analyte.

  • antibdoy immobilization

  • photochemical Immobilization

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Promete SRL
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