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Kartell Labware Division – Current General Catalogue

Technopolymers as Science

Kartell Labware Division started their activities at the end of the 1950s as a natural evolution in the technological design experimentation started by Kartell SpA, one of the first companies in Europe to apply technopolymers in the design and production of furniture as of its foundation in 1949.

Kartell Labware Division is at the very forefront for the supply of plastic technical articles for laboratories, as a valid alternative to glass due to plastic lightness, strength, affordability, and safety.

Kartell is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. The company portfolio covers a wide range of products, including:

Bottles and accessories: Comprehensive series of sampling graduated bottles, round and rectangular shape, useful also for long term storage.

Graduated/volumetric: graduated tall and short form measuring cylinders, low form graduated beakers and measuring jugs. They are part of a comprehensive series of graduated for volumetric measurements items.

General purpose labware: Complete series of general-purpose items useful for several laboratories’ applications.

Test tubes and accessories: conical and cylindrical graduated and not graduated centrifuge tubes and related accessories. Universal, autoclavable, folding tubes racks available in multiple measures.

Filtration/vacuum: Broad range of implosion proof desiccators, analytical and Buchner funnels, valves and vacuum pumps.

Dispolab: disposable product line which includes UV and UV-VIS cuvettes for spectrophotometry, test tubes and micro test tubes, analysers sample cups, tips ad filter tips, a range of screw cap containers and further disposable items for specific applications.

Target groups for these products are both scientific and industrial fields.

  • bottles

  • test tubes

  • desiccators

  • reagent bottles

  • measuring cans

  • centrifuge tubes

  • funnels

  • Buchner funnels

  • valves

  • vacuum pumps

  • cuvettes

  • UV/Vis cuvettes

  • filter tips

Kartell spa
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