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Industry-leading technology. We offer state-of-the-art technologies to simplify your daily work


Trusted expertise. Our knowledgeable team understand your elemental analysis needs and provide so


Premium quality and reliability. Our solutions ensure high quality and productivity to your eleme

Our innovations ensure greater productivity and return on investment to your elemental analysis

When you encounter elemental analysis challenges in your lab, you need a partner with the expertise to help you address them. For more than 30 years, Milestone/MLS has pioneered innovative solutions that help atomic spectroscopists deal with challenging samples, meet their trace metal detection limit and accuracy objectives, and improve overall lab throughput. With a complete digestion product line that includes game-changing Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology and best-in-class rotor-based systems, Milestone/MLS is the first choice of laboratories that rely on quality sample prep for superior ICP/ICP-MS analyses.

Mercury analysis is a major challenge for many labs. The use of direct mercury analysers delivers accurate results in 5 minutes per sample, at a savings of approximately 70% compared to CVAA and ICP-MS. Attaining sufficiently clean blanks involves labour-intensive cleaning procedures and purchase of expensive ultra-high-purity acids. Our Clean Chemistry solutions reduce your equipment contamination and lower your ultra-high-purity acid costs.

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