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The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Gain efficiency by reducing turnaround time for your analysis


Gain simplicity by using technologies that smartly enhance your lab workflow


Gain capacity with superior sample preparation procedures for GC and HPLC analysis

Enhancing your capabilities and productivity with microwave technology

Traditional extraction techniques are time consuming and use large volume of reagents, while microwave is fast and use low solvents, which offers a greener and cost-effective approach.

Microwave enhances many extractions processes, for example the extraction of organic pollutants from environmental samples is done in 40 minutes for 24 samples or total fat determination in food takes half or even a third the time of conventional methods.

Moreover, taking advantage of microwave selective heating, Milestone/ MLS patented the solvent-free microwave extraction of essential oils from natural products.

This approach has been embraced by Cannabis and Hemp processors for the extraction of terpenes, as it ensures fast extraction and complete terpene profile.

Microwave has been applied in other areas too, such as organic and inorganic synthesis. Scientists explore new applications, using microwave for fast screening, for high temperature and pressure studies and for scale-up processes.

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