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Test microbiological safety in food industry

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Fast and reliable method


Reduced inventory and warehouse leadtimes


Complete solution including robotic autosampling

Finished product quality control: detect microbial presence in samples from sterilised products

Sensilux® reagents and BC equipment are designed to determine the presence/absence of microbial ATP by Bioluminescence in pre-incubated samples of sterilised products. The applications of our kits are broad, including: dairy products, vegetable extract beverages, fruit juices, creams and broths, sauces, cosmetics and many others.

Full solution: we provide the Sensilux® range of ATP-kits; multi-injector robust automatic luminometers; our proprietary control software "Sensilux® Assay Manager" and robot-based sampling automation; all tailored to the specific needs of our customers. A department of programming and computer systems for the design and support of new applications has developed a specific proprietary software for controlling robot operation and luminometer functions which is very simple for technicians and offers remote support.

We take customer and technical support very seriously. Reducing to the minimum the turnaround time to solve any incidence helps QC departments at our customers to return to their normal operation. A quick method for faster batch release.

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