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Miele SlimLine lab washers: Efficient. Compact. Powerful.

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Compact design and high chamber capacity combined with secure and efficient cleaning processes


Flexible use of chamber space, allowing up to 3 baskets to be positioned on up to 4 rack levels


Convenient use thanks to smart controls and all-glass door

SlimLine lab washers - Compact dimensions, high capacity

With a width of only 65cm, SlimLine lab washers offer maximum capacity on the smallest of footprints. PLW 6111 model versions offer a tall chamber, allowing up to three pairs of telescopic racks to be used at four different levels. This creates additional loading flexibility and facilitates a maximum loading height of 630mm for the cleaning of large-volume laboratory vessels with a capacity of up to 50l. A further benefit of these machines is the ergonomic loading height of 850mm.

The versatile controls offer 40 programme slots. Clients can select from pre-configured programmes or create and save their own customised cycles. The controls are operated via an easy-to-clean SoftTouch glass panel. During a programme cycle, the colour display presents all programme-relevant information.

Throughout reprocessing, the wash process is in full view of the user, thanks to an all-glass bottom-hinged door and chamber lighting.

On-board hot-air drying, which like the water heater is electrically powered, speeds up drying. Additional process security is afforded by the integrated HEPA H14 filter.

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