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The new generation of particle size measurement equipment from HORIBA

The Top 3 Advantages

Simple wet and dry measurement without the need of time-consuming measurement cell changes


Vast range of particle sizes: 0.01 µm bis 5000 µm


Extensive optional equipment available for a large variety of applications

Laser diffraction - fast measurement of particle size for a large variety of applications

HORIBA presents the newest development in particle size measurement. The LA-960 V2 continues the HORIBA tradition of leading the industry with innovation.

The integrated rail for exchanging tools offers quick and efficient switching of measuring methods. Several different kinds of measurement options are available, covering almost every application: standard wet and dry measurement, cells for high viscosity, high concentration or low sample volume. The LA-960 V2 is completed with an intuitive software, a wide measurement range of particle sizes and several additional quality of life improvements. 

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