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Basler dart USB - Embedded Vision Camera Modules for Medical & Life Sciences

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High performance and reliable with the Sony IMX392 and IMX334 sensors


Space-saving and lightweight with dimensions of 27 x 27 mm at 5 g in the bareboard version


Easy to integrate and versatile thanks to USB 3.0 interface and Basler pylon Camera Software Suite

Optimal Combination of High Performance, Compact Design and Low Cost

Many applications in the Medical & Life Sciences sector offer little space for vision components but require high performance. The Basler dart USB camera modules are ideal because they are small, light, versatile, and powerful. Thanks to the Sony IMX392 (2.3 MP) and IMX334 (8.3 MP) CMOS sensors, they deliver images of the highest quality. Their size, weight, design as bareboard or with S- or CS-mount, and the "plug-and-play" USB 3.0 interface make them easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications.

For process automation, for example, the dart with the IMX392 sensor is ideal. The high frame rate of 160 fps enables fast sample handling and thus a high sample throughput. Image preprocessing in the camera saves computing power on the host side, which is available for analysis purposes. For a task like colony counting, the dart with the IMX334 sensor is an excellent match. Due to its high resolution of 8.3 MP, it records the entire sample area. There is no need for a mechanism to move the sample or camera.

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