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First commercially available Dual-Comb Spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Stopped-flow applications with microsecond time resolution


Rapid Reaction Monitoring with longer mid-IR fibers


High resolution spectroscopy - better than 0.001 cm-1

next generation of midIR Spectroscopy: it's all about time and resolution

Does FTIR spectroscopy limit your measurement capabilities in terms of speed, SNR or spectral resolution? The IRis-F1 overcomes these limitations and offers an unmatched combination of speed, brightness and resolution.

A complete spectrum can be acquired in one microsecond and the high brightness laser source enables high signal-to-noise ratios >1000 in 100 microseconds measurement time. These parameters are achieved with a default spectral resolution of 0.33 cm-1. Spectral and temporal resolution are recorded simultaneously, avoiding massive experiment repetition as sometimes required in step-scan FTIR.

A high-resolution version, offering <0.001 cm-1 spectral resolution, is also available.Easy laser module exchange is done within a few seconds, allowing you to cover several bandwidths with 60cm⁻¹ broadness The dual-comb light sources are packed into laser modules which are user exchangeable without tools and with minimum realignment. Modules are available with different center wavenumbers throughout the mid-IR and typically cover >60 cm-1.

  • reaction monitoring

  • trace gas analysis

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