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Basler MED ace - Industrial Digital Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

New CMOS instead of older CCD sensor technology: High frame rate and resolution at a low price


Image processing made easy: The MED Feature Sets combine hardware, firmware and software functions


Certified quality standards: Production, distribution and service according to ISO13485:2016

Sharp Images, Best Color Reproduction, Easy Integration into Your Application

The Basler MED ace camera series is our first product line designed specifically for Medical & Life Sciences. Equipped with the latest CMOS sensor technology, the cameras are our answer to the discontinuation of CCD sensors. Thanks to CMOS sensors from Sony and ON Semiconductor, the MED ace cameras achieve a frame rate of up to 164 fps and a resolution of up to 20 MP. The attractive technology package is completed by our MED Feature Sets: Easy Compliance, Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Dust Protection, Low Light Imaging, Industrial Excellence and High Speed. They help to reduce the development effort on the customer side. They enable images of the highest quality in the shortest possible time while offering flexibility for individual requirements.

If, for example, a microscopy application requires high magnification, the MED Feature Set "Dust Protection" helps to ensure that the cameras meet special cleanliness requirements. For an AI task that requires maximum color fidelity in color reproduction, the MED Feature Set "Perfect Color" offers optimum support.

  • bioimaging

  • digital camera systems

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  • CMOS cameras

  • sample identification

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Industrial Digital Cameras for Medical & Life Sciences

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