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Solenoid lock for locking various laboratory applications

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High maximum static locking force of at least 1,600 N


Long life span


Shock resistance from 100 g

Compact and reliable - locking e.g. laboratory centrifuges with our solenoid lock

With a very high holding force of at least 1,600 N and a shock resistance up to 100 g, Kendrion now offers a solenoid door lock, which has a focus on safety. Therefor this door lock is suitable for locking application in the laboratory centrifuges, laboratory hoods, incubators, disinfectors and suitable for many other applications.

An integrated solenoid allows easy control and combines quiet operation with a quick release. The patented locking mechanism allows the operator to unlock doors when they are under load. Microswitch feedback for the locked position is available as well as a mechanical emergency release for the event of power failure.

The solenoid door lock has two locking options: It is available in SL (self locked) and AL (active locked). In addition, integrated micro switches allow position monitoring of the lock.

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