In Situ Sensors: RGA and QCM‘s for the best Vacuum Process Monitoring and Control

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reduce process variance with the highest in-situ accuracy and best measurement resolution


Allows for tool integration and data acquisition and analysis for Smart process control


Minimize process risk and optimize system performance through worldwide expert applications support

Sensor solutions enabling you to control your processes and resulting in maximized process yield

Protect and grow your profit with precision monitoring and control of your vacuum processes. INFICON RGA’s and QCM sensors provide a cost-effective solution to high-accuracy process monitoring for short or long vacuum processes. With a cost competitive initial investment and low total cost of ownership, INFICON sensors minimize overall production costs. Additionally, the long-lasting sensors require less maintenance which maximizes availability during your process.

Our products enable you to maximize your tool quality and reliability, allowing you to start profiting sooner with flexible and low-cost integration, development and control. INFICON, the technology leader for in situ vacuum process monitoring, offers a broad selection of RGA’s, thin film controllers, sensors, feedthroughs, and crystals for all your vacuum needs. INFICON, with more than 50 years’ experience in vacuum industry provides high-quality products and expert worldwide support helping you to control your profit by making excellence repeatable. See our complete line of products and accessories at

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