Mobile Vacuum Leak Detectors

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Fastest leak testing due to short start-up and suppression of helium background


Maximum service life through maximum robustness against shock ventilation and mechanical impacts


Fast and easy operation through intuitive user guidance

Fast, robust and intuitive leak testing for highest demands in ultra-small leak rate detection

The INFICON UL product family of leak testers, is today the market leading standard for cost-effective helium vacuum leak testing in industry and especially in the very demanding semiconductor fabrication. The UL family of products represents the best possible compromise between high performance, unparalleled robustness and cost-effectiveness. The devices offer state-of-the-art detection limits of E-12 mbar*l/s with correspondingly short pump-down and response times.

Due to the ergonomic design of the units, they are particularly easy to handle and can be used without problems even in maintenance areas with limited space. The background suppression (I-ZERO) enables continuous leak testing at least two decades below the existing background level. T he UL3000 Fab and UL3000 Fab ULTRA represent the latest generation of leak testers with many improvements such as I- ZERO 2.0, MASSIVE-Mode and HYDRO-S. The UL5000 is specialized for very large test volumes of over 100 l.

  • leak measurement

  • density measurement

  • density measuring systems

  • density meters

  • vacuum gauges

  • vacuum systems

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