Innovative methane detector system for easy survey of gas pipelines

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High sensitivity, quick response and short recovery time thanks to IR technology from 0ppm to 100vol%


Zero cross sensitivity against water or car exhaust


Built in GC and GPS for gas analysis and GIS tracking

Innovation makes the difference

IRwin is a portable methane leak detector for fast and easy survey of gas pipelines. This multi-function instrument efficiently operates on different surfaces and situations during survey, is highly sensitive, responds quickly and has a short recovery time.
It is certified intrinsically safe, with TÜV certified capability for LEL, oxygen and toxic gas measurements. The special developed gas chromatograph (GC) and sensor combination allows near real-time distinction between swamp gas and natural gas.
The GC inside IRwin delivers fast test results, even at low ethane (from 0,5%) conentrations. IRwin is light (1,6kg) and portable for optimum comfort. The instrument and its accessories have been developed for mobile use in demanding conditions.

  • gas measurement

  • methane determination

  • leak detectors

  • gas measurement systems

  • gas analyzers

  • concentration measuring device

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