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High-Resolution 3D Images with Low Phototoxicity

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

fast high-resolution 3D Imaging


wide range of samples


homogeneous illumination with low phototoxicity

Flexibility Meets Quality Performance

The Alpha3 light sheet microscope system combines speed and high-quality Olympus optics for high-resolution 3D imaging of both live and fixed biological samples. The Alpha3 enables volume acquisitions at up to 75 images/second with the Smart 3D Scanning module, delivering high spatial and temporal resolution while minimizing phototoxicity. The system’s dual illumination configuration combined with real-time laser focus sweeping technology permits very thin optical sectioning with illumination homogeneity, increased axial resolution, and enhanced signal-to-noise response compared to traditional confocal techniques.

  • light-sheet microscopy

  • 3d imaging

  • confocal microscopy

  • light sheet microscopes

  • confocal microscopes

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