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Elemental Analyzer (CHNS/O) for every application

The Top 3 Advantages

CHNS/O All-in One Elemental Analyzer with Over 20 configurations for all types of matrices


Direct GC-Column technique for high Accuracy, Precision & Repeatability without memory effect


Low maintenance, optimized gas consumption (MVC Module & OxyTune), 15 years warranty

MVC module for fully automated analysis with low gas consumption, Solid & Liquid Autosampler

Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer - A single CHNS/O, NC, N/Protein Analyzer - handling all applications. The OEA is built on new and improved technology for total reliability, advanced performance and accuracy. A fully automated Elemental Analyzer which simplifies the user experience and
dramatically improves productivity and efficiency by using direct GC-Column

The Flash Smart operates with dynamic combustion of the sample (modified Dumas method) for nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and sulfur determination, and oxygen determination by pyrolysis. The Analyzer can be equipped with one or two totally independent furnaces. The double channels can be connected using a single pneumatic circuit. The system also allows the installation of two analytical cycles which are used alternatively and completely automated through the Thermo Scientific MultiValve Control (MVC) Module. Each analytical circulation can receive its own autosampler.

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