High-pressure microwave digestion up to 300 °C: Processing difficult samples can be so easy

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Versatile: digestion of different samples in a single run without method development


Space-saving: cooling, fume suction and touch screen integrated into the device


User-friendly: less work to do thanks to automation and intuitive software guidance

Simple, safe, smart ... acid digestion up to 199 bar doesn’t have to be hard work

Different samples types, high sample weights, different reactivities: usually you would need different runs and extensive method development. With the Multiwave 7000, that’s a thing of the past. Operating at up to 300 °C and 199 bar, you can digest any sample with ease. Clustering the samples is no longer necessary: a wide variety of samples, from food to pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals, can be processed in a single run. Even floating samples are no longer a problem, thanks to the integrated magnetic stirrer.

Handling simplicity, even of the most difficult samples, is decisive for whether you will like working with an instrument and do so without handling errors. With the Multiwave 7000, we have tailored high-pressure microwave digestion to your needs as perfectly as possible. The system’s integrated water cooling and compact design keep the laboratory tidy without requiring additional space. There’s no need to manually regulate the pressure or carry the samples through the lab unprotected. You simply place the sample vials and racks into the reaction vessel – the rest is almost completely automated. It really couldn't be easier.

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