Saves space and money: The most economic microwave digestion system in the world

The Top 3 Advantages

Cost-effective: process up to 12 samples more cost-effectively than ever before


Space-saving: the most compact microwave digestion system on the market


Time-saving: smart rotor/vessel design and intuitive software

Better elemental analysis, even for small laboratories with a low throughput

Let's be honest: not every laboratory carries out high-throughput microwave digestions on a daily basis. The Multiwave GO Plus has been developed for precisely such users. Perform simple routine digestions and process up to 12 samples in a single run – more cost-effectively than you’ve ever done before. Don't worry about the space requirements in your laboratory: with a footprint of 36 x 53 cm the Multiwave GO Plus is only half the size of other laboratory microwave digestion systems.

Thanks to the 3-part sample vessels that do not need support jackets, you’ll prepare your samples for digestion in seconds and without any additional tools. The SmartVent technology allows high sample weights, higher temperatures and the digestion of samples with different reaction behaviors, all in the same run. The most effective cooling technology then ensures cooling within just 8 minutes – that’s record-breaking.

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