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Full power across 8 channels: Label-free and GxP-compliant analysis of molecular interactions

The Top 3 Advantages

8 channels – for maximum flexibility and speed


Active temperature control and evaporation protection – for high-affinity binding systems and temperature-sensitive samples


GxP-compliant – for measuring conveniently even in regulated spaces thanks to 21 CFR Part 11 software

Easy protein quantification, kinetics and screening assays under physiological conditions

No matter whether you are drug screening, characterizing high-affinity bonds or performing basic research on signal transduction, the Octet Red96e lets you perform protein analyses quickly and easily.

Choose whether to use its 8 channels in parallel or independently for your analyses. Kinetic screening of 64 samples takes only 1.5 hours.

There are almost no limits to the sample spectrum. From molecules ≥150 Da to mammalian cells, you can safely and reliably measure even the most sensitive samples in a temperature range of between 15 and 40 °C.

Perform kinetic screening or affinity studies under physiological conditions directly on your lab bench.

The optional microplate cover minimizes sample evaporation even when performing measurements over a lengthier period, allowing you to determine long dissociation rates of high-affinity binding systems.

The label-free BLI technology makes immediate measurements in unpurified or serum-containing mixtures possible, thus saving sample preparation time.

The microfluidic-free Dip-and-Read™ format accelerates assay development and reduces instrument maintenance to a minimum, thanks to the easily and inexpensively exchangeable sensor tips.

  • biolayer interferometry

  • affinity characterization

  • drug discovery

  • kinetic screening

  • interferometry

  • protein analysis

  • biolayer interferometers

  • interferometers

  • screening assays

  • kinetic assays

  • protein analyzers

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