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On the Double: Determine Protein Interactions for Your Sample and the Reference Simultaneously

The Top 3 Advantages

Sensitive – Easily determine kinetic rates and amounts even of small molecules ≤150


2-channel design – Measure sample and reference in parallel or increase the capacity of your measurement


Automated – Insert samples and sensors and you’re off, the Octet K2 System does the rest automatically

Entry-level BLI technology: Label-free automated characterization of molecular interaction

The label-free Octet K2 Biolayer Interferometer is your entry-level system to the automated measurement of molecular interactions at moderate throughput.

Its patented 2-channel design allows you to measure 2 samples in parallel and thus to save time. Quickly and easily characterize protein-protein or protein-small molecule interactions, determine affinity or simply the concentration of active analytes.

The microfluidic-free Dip-and-Read™ format combines the measurement of unpurified mixtures directly in standardized microplates. The flexibility with regards to sample types ranges from molecules sized only 150 Da to viruses or whole human cells.

After measurement, the samples can be used for further processing steps or analyses.

The biosensors can be regenerated and reused when the experiment is over. This reduces your operating costs for consumables.

Increase the efficiency and quality of your research with the Octet K2 Biolayer Interferometer.

  • interferometry

  • protein analysis

  • biolayer interferometry

  • protein quantification

  • protein analyzers

  • biosensors

  • biolayer interferometers

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