For the first time a hot plate stirrer thinks about your safety - thanks to "telepathic" abilities

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Prevents accidents: Heating switches off automatically if you are away from the appliance for too long


Powerful: precise stirring of samples up to 20 litres at 60 - 1,600 rpm and temperatures up to 500 °C


Durable: chemical resistant with market leading overtemperature detection system for the electronics

Detects via infrared or Bluetooth when you are no longer there - and prevents accidents

Imagine a magnetic hot plate stirrer that thinks along with you. What if it had a motion sensor that could detect you from approx. 3 meters away? And starts a timeout process defined by you to switch off the heating as soon as you leave the safety radius? What if you could extend the radius up to 50 m via Bluetooth? How much safer would that make your heating/stirring applications?

The OHAUS Guardian 7000 is the world's first hot plate magnetic stirrer to offer these Guardian Angel features. It protects you, your lab and your sample from accidents and overheating in an unprecedented way. You can set temperature limits for sensitive samples and program precise heating/stirring rates for recurring applications. The lower priced Guardian 5000 offers smart features, too. The easy-to-clean housing always stays cool and protects the electronics from spilled samples. And thanks to the large display and huge "hot top" indicator, you always have an overview of the performance and temperature, even from a distance. 

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