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No need for process delays due to protein analysis: Quantify 96 samples in 2 minutes

The Top 3 Advantages

High throughput - up to 96 samples or 96 assays in parallel


Perform a 32 x 32 epitope binning in less than eight hours


Fully automated - integrates seamlessly into development or production processes

High-throughput BLI technology: Label-free characterization of molecular interactions

Whether drug screening, protein development, production or quality control, you can analyze proteins faster and easier when using bio-layer interferometry (BLI) assays. The fully automated BLI system Octet HTX allows for unprecedented throughput which can be further enhanced in combination with autosamplers or robotics. Whether 96 samples in parallel or performing binding specificity studies on 96 different targets- combine the sensitive biosensors as required. Measurements can be performed directly in complex, unpurified mixtures, such as cell culture supernatants or serum containing media. The label-free method based on the microfluidic-free Dip-and-Read™ format accelerates assay developmentand reduces maintenance costs due to the easy and inexpensive exchangeable sensor tips. After measurement, the samples are available for further processing steps or analyses. This saves precious sample material, which tends to be particularly valuable in the early development stages. The easy-to-use software provides the right prerequisite for fast and easy concentration measurements, affinity determinations as well as kinetic and screening assays in high-throughput.

  • protein analytics

  • protein development

  • biolayer interferometry

  • binding specificity studies

  • concentration measurements

  • kinetics assays

  • biolayer interferometers

  • drug screening

  • biosensors

  • screening assays

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