High Performance Moisture Analyzer for fast, precise and reliable measurement

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Accurate and fast results with integrated methods


Reduced measuring time with results forecast


More security and control of success, increased efficiency and compliance

Shorter measurement times through Quick Predict: Prediction of the final results

Moisture affects the processing suitability, shelf life, usability and quality of numerous products - e.g. pharmaceutical substances, plastics and food. Information on moisture content and its monitoring is therefore extremely important. For most substances, an optimum moisture content can be determined which enables the best processing results and thus the highest product quality.

Moisture measurements must be reliable and fast, so that any intervention in the production process can be carried out quickly and interruptions can be avoided. A fast and accurate method of moisture measurement is thermogravimetric measurement with a halogen moisture analyzer. Fast halogen technology and excellent weighing performance combined with a moisture content readability of 0.001% gives extremely reliable and repeatable results.

Integrated methods with a prediction mode can predict the final result in a fraction of the usual measurement time, accelerating decision making and subsequent analysis and process steps. Quality management functions and integrated routine tests ensure high-performance moisture analysis.

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  • humidity measurement

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  • Halogen dryer

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